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Substance Abuse Treatment

The Center for Effective Living’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program provides outpatient services to adults, who admit their problematic use of alcohol and/or other drugs or those who have been referred for alcohol and/or drug treatment, but struggle in their ability to get or stay sober. The Intensive Outpatient Program is abstinence in the community based and consists of weekly individual counseling, as well as education/therapy and additional groups as needed. Groups address, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a client’s ability to self-diagnose
  • Identifying their abuse of defense mechanisms
  • Developing effective problem solving and sober coping skills
  • Understanding the effects of chemical dependency on the family system
  • Managing stress and medical complications of the disease
  • Building a peer group supportive of recovery


CFEL offers an intensive out patient program designed to treat alcohol and drug abusers. A structured treatment program includes evening and weekend hours. Group therapy, individual therapy, family counseling and educational presentations guide clients to recovery. CFEL treatment endorses the use of 12-step programs and includes family education programming. Members learn how addiction impacts families and the biological components of addiction.

Group Counseling Types

Defense Mechanism Group:

This group is designed so that each client will become familiar with a core group of defense mechanisms and will be able to identify when he/she is using them to engage in behaviors that are not conducive to recovery.

Self-Diagnostic Group:

This group is based on the notion that each client needs to be able to: understand why he/she has received his/her diagnosis and make their own self diagnosis. We hope that through this process clients will understand the disease concept and the factors that have created a substance abuse disorder.

Family Group:

Family group is an opportunity for family members and significant others, sponsors, etc. to attend a group meeting with clients. We use didactic and experiential activities to educate families and clients about the impact of chemical dependency on the family system.

Relapse Prevention Group:

This group is designed to teach clients ways to prevent relapse, what to do if a relapse occurs, and alternatives to a drug-oriented lifestyle. As part of preventing relapse, the group also helps clients learn strategies to cope with stress and everyday problems.


5:30 pm-8:00 pm
Mondays and Thursdays

9:00 am-12:00 pm

Education Groups
Family Education
Urine Testing
Group Therapy
Social Support
After Care Group


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Individual therapy, family therapy, assessments, and psychological testing are available at our Fairview Park and Beachwood offices. Psychiatric services, including assessments for medication management and medication to curb substance abuse are available at our Fairview Park and Beachwood offices.

Most insurance plans accepted.