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Forensic Psychology

gavel1Dr. Koricke is formally trained in Forensic Psychology. She has worked for the criminal justice system for over 14 years, evaluating individuals with regard to suicidality while incarcerated and developing treatment plans or incarcerated adults with substance abuse and mental health issues. Dr. Koricke has also completed numerous evaluations for attorneys and Court in the State of Ohio in criminal, civic and domestic relations matters. She has also worked with over 500 juveniles involved in the juvenile justice system, evaluating them for competency to stand trial, amenability to rehabilitation within the juvenile system and helping to develop rehabilitation plans for youth involved in the legal system.

Dr. Koricke’s formal training in Forensic Psychology has involved coursework at Case Western Reserve School of Law as well as training with Dr. Phillip Resnick through completing his classes for medical residents in the Forensic Psychiatry program of Case Western Reserve University. She has been qualified as an expert witness in Federal Court and several jurisdictions throughout the State of Ohio, as well as in military court.

Dr. Koricke is available to provide expert evaluations in the interface between psychiatry and the law, including:

  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Personal injury or Disability evaluations
  • Civil commitment evaluations
  • Competency evaluations
  • Criminal responsibility or Insanity evaluations

Forensic Examination Specializations

Emotional Damage

PTSD, Malingering, Personal injury, Employment Law, Discrimination, Harassment


Extreme and Exceptional Hardship, Asylum, Domestic Violence, Citizenship Waivers

Family Law

Child Abuse, Parental Capacity, Adoption


Social Security and Workers Compensation

Sex Offenders

Risk Protection, Civil Commitment, Adults, Juveniles

Criminal Responsibility

Mitigation, Capacity, Sanity